What we do

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Encoding and Compression

  • Using the best available encoders combined with our proprietary workflow enhancements, we produce beautiful HEVC, AVC, and MPEG-2 video in conformance with applicable spec parameters.
  • HDR video compression support for static HDR10, the dynamic HDR10+, plus full Dolby Vision™ Profile 7 in both FEL and MEL.
  • A clean, proven image pipeline maintains exacting faithfulness to the source, avoiding unnecessary color space conversions, contouring, gamma shifts, or softening of film grain textures.
  • Audio encoding for lossy, lossless, and object-based multichannel surround delivery.
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  • One-stop shop offering full pre-mastering of UHD Blu-ray™, Blu-ray™, and DVD using Scenarist Professional workstations.
  • Advanced authoring services including seamless branching, multi-angle, and all HDR formats.
  • Rebuilding and reauthoring of existing projects, including international disc versioning.
  • Verification at all stages of production using the appropriate BD-ROM Verifiers, ensuring perfect spec adherence.
  • Delivery of test builds and final replication data (CMF/DDP) via ultra-fast fiber or physical shipment.
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Digital Cinema

  • DCPs offered in 2D/3D, InterOp/SMPTE, 2K/4K, and clear/encrypted.
  • Multi-CPL packages for maximum playback flexibility: subtitles, audio tracks, and content can be varied depending on the screening without the need for separate packages.
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Other Services

  • Full menu design services, encompassing static images to full animation.
  • Format conversions between varying frame rates and color spaces using algorithms best suited to the content.
  • Origination and translation of subtitles are available via our partners.
  • The iZotope RX suite allows us to tackle audio problems efficiently, negating the need for time-consuming resupplies.
  • In-house QC or coordination with outside vendors.